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# SYS Top 10 Most Downloaded Files On Filesize Downloads
1 GBA 5.08 MB 539,775 DL
2 GBA 5.08 MB 218,778 DL
3 N64 25.35 MB 35,872 DL
4 GBA 5.21 MB 34,748 DL
5 GBA 5.11 MB 29,925 DL
6 GBC 0.49 MB 29,741 DL
7 GBA 6.66 MB 27,797 DL
8 GBA 5.08 MB 26,408 DL
9 GBA 4.72 MB 20,101 DL
10 PSX 502.06 MB 20,086 DL
6-7-2014: Limited Site Navigation Upgrades, Combining Game And Download Pages Into One
Construction has begun on the site to remove any gaming system that we do not have at least one download for as it is useless and annoying to users. In addition, there will be lots of pages including the old download pages that will not work as the site navigation is upgraded again. Working hard to get everything going again. Our plan is to integrate the download pages into the game pages making it a lot more easier to download stuff in less clicks and pageviews. The new hybrid pages will include game downloads, emulators and batch rom set downloading all on a single page.

12-31-2013: 79,000+ Video Game Screenshots Added, Upgraded Site Navigation, Flash Games
We just recently added 79,000+ video game photos that include boxart, screenshots and actual photos of the cartridges and disks. We have also made a huge upgrade to site navigation which will still be a work in progress as we add additional retro gaming content. In the next few months we will be adding thousands of video game soundtracks, strategy guides, ringtones and flash games that will be playable in your online browser directly on this site.

7-2-2013: VIP Memberships Updated, New Support Forum, Major Site Improvements
VIP membership program has been updated and you can now become a member simply by selecting the type of donation and level that best fits your needs. If you are a new vip member please allow up to 24-48 hours for us to manually activate your account.The forum for Get-Your-Rom will no longer be available on Vizzed Board instead we have added a feedback tab on right side of screen so you can suggest new features and contact support directly. We have also greatly improved many things on site including the top rom sites, more appealing navigation, most popular file downloads first in the letter browser on top of site and a rom site directory for finding even more games and downloads featured accross the internet.

11-29-2012: Remote Rom File Downloads For Rom Hustler & Cool Rom!
We have just added remote file download links to games to ensure you have the easiest time finding rom and iso downloads across the web. Currently we only have two major rom site links (Rom Hustler & Cool Rom) indexed but will be adding plenty more rom sites very soon.

1-13-2012: Adding tons of ISOS, New Server, More Disk Space, Redoing Majority of Site!
It's been awhile since the last update but here is what big changes will be happening during next week. We got more disk space so we are going to be uploading tons more isos to the site within next week. In addition to more isos we have also decided to just remove a majority of pages which had features we intended on having but never got around to it. We are adjusting the site to make it easier to find roms and isos by adding a letter browser at the top of the page in place of where the old navigation use to be. From there you will be able to browse every game on site through every system. The site is not totally functional right now as we are in process of redoing a majority of it but it should be back by next week with new iso batches up for download.

9-14-2011: Tons of Updates To Several Sections of Get-Your-Rom
This past week has been very hectic as the site was temporarily down on Sunday & Monday. These issues have now been fixed and the site should run a lot faster. We have been optimizing the site greatly over the past few days so those previous Internal Server Errors should be gone. As for the game browsing since none of the games currently have photos I've decided to just make everything text based when browsing to make it easier. I also noticed errors on the processing page and problems with registration emails, both of those issues should also be fixed. I will be trashing all the accounts that have not been activated so you can register again if you were not able to get through the first time. I also put up our old affiliate links located near the bottom of the page on the right menu panel and will be adding more links leading to our fourm, how to contact us, etc...

9-10-2011: Playstation PSX ISO Files & 700 + Mac/PC Emulators
We finally got Playstation ISOs added and are now downloadable on Get-Your-Rom. You will notice the psx iso collection only has around 270 or so this is due to our limited site space so we have the most popular playstation games up for now. If you can't find a psx game then be sure to check out our old psx iso download list available on the main playstation iso page. Another big update includes emulators we will be adding 700+ emulators to the site later today and tomorrow.

8-29-2011: Massive Update To Site Navigation
Been working on a few big new features for Get-Your-Rom which will be introduced later this week. The current plan is to have sections for roms, emulators, downloads, videos, strategy guides, cheats, reviews, music, screenshots, emulators and more which will all be available on the main navigation bar. This huge update will enable you to browse and search through multiple sections of the site through multiple ways. And of course we will bundle all matching content for a specific game on the game page itself. The search itself will also be modified to where you can search browse search terms for each section and system you're viewing. Once this is done I will be working on getting the interactive features implemented where you can post videos and content. That won't be for another month probably but we will see.

8-24-2011: Top 10 ROM/ISO Lists + Rom Search
We just added top 10 downloaded rom/iso files for each system and shortly we will have the top 10 most downloaded games right here on the index page. The index page will be going under maintence soon as I am going to minimize the updates and make room for several new features. You will also notice a search bar at the top of page (currently it doesn't work yet) but it should in a day or two I will post another update when it does work.

8-21-2011: Registration & Login Will Be Complete Shortly
The past few days I have been working on the registration, login, account activation and forgot account information features. These will be live shortly and although you won't be able to do much with a logged in account yet you will be able to download 5GB / 100 files per day compared to 1GB / 10 files per day.

8-19-2011: Old Playstation PSX ISO Download Links - Over 5000+ PSX Downloads
We are having a slight problem getting the psx isos up but for now we put up a temp list of old PSX links from the old site (which are hosted remotely). To see this PSX games please visit the main Playstation ISOS page on the right menu and you should see them there.

8-17-2011: Official Relaunch of
Welcome to the brand new site of Get-Your-Rom! This new version was created to enhance your experience on our site through faster loading pages, direct downloads (which the old site never had), a darker yet more appealing design, over 90+ new systems added loaded with hundreds of thousands of games ready for download and soon to come will be free memberships which will allow you to interact with other gamers, earn points to increase download limits and the ability submit your own content (game videos, game articles, or anything gaming related) to Get-Your-Rom.

8-1-2011: New Site is Almost Here!
Just a small update about the new site. We have been working really hard on this new version of the site and it will now have a total of 85 systems (this site probably only has around 20) so expect to see TONS more systems with the new relaunch. Also downloads will be directly on GYR this time around so no more broken links (for the most part). New site will be here this month sometime, not sure of exact date but get ready!

7-26-2011: New Get-Your-Rom Site In The Works!
A new version of Get-Your-Rom will be relaunching shortly. This new version will load faster, finding games should be easier, and there will be several other major improvements including better error reporting and less broken links. We are also going to be redoing the file structure of site but don't worry because most of the old page links should redirect you to the new page automatically. We will also be creating a LIVE list of what downloads are actually live and which ones are broken so this will be a big improvement compared to this current site.

12-28-2010: 1000s of ISO games added plus all current CD games fixed!
This has been a problem for a while, a ton of files were removed or missing for many of our systems. I've added new download links for Playstation, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, 3DO and CD-i. Actually I've added up to 3 different downloads for each game for those systems, each download hosted on a different file hosting site for back up, so if 1 file goes down, there will be others to back it up for each game. I also added complete game collections for Commodore and Amiga CD systems, Jaguar CD, MAME CHD, Neo Geo CD and Turbo Grafx CD. This is easily the biggest update GYR has ever received and will probably be the last big update. I spent many weeks on this update and invested about $200+ into a server which I used to download and upload the files. Merry late Christmas!

7-20-2010: Tons of new updates coming!
I will be making a lot of changes shortly. This includes: upgraded search, text or pic display, updating the videos section, adding ratings to games, adding comments to games, adding report broken link to games, and make it so users can add content and earn incentives for it.

4-28-2010: More games & updates along with new file host!
Wow its been a long time since last update! We will be adding more things shortly: more graphics, more files, more games, and possibly adding a manga section to the site. There will also be a change in file hosts shortly. Due to the amount of broken links or removed files from other file hosting places we have decided to start hosting the files ourselves throguh our sponser site Magnum Directory! This means great news, no more removed files or broken download links. More details to follow shortly...

11-15-2009: Every USA released Playstation, Sega Saturn and CD-i game added to site!
I've just added pages and download links for EVERY USA released Playstation game. I've also fixed the links to all the PSX pages that we had that had broken links and replaced them with working links. Additionally, I've added every USA released Sega Saturn and CD-i game to the site. Between the 3 systems, over 1000 games have been added to the site and the file hosting company I'm using for these download links is Deposit Files. This update was well worth the wait.

9-22-2009: Fixed Search Engine & More Gaming Content Added!
I've created a PHP script which has added content to about 75% of all the game pages on Get-Your-Rom. Additionally, I've replaced all the adbrite ads with adsense ads. What this means for you guys is, no more full page ads. Lastly, Sean fixed the search engine, it now returns all games and provides links for all those games to their game pages (unlike before).

7-31-2009: Complete Collection of Nintendo DS, Amiga and Commodore 64 added!
Another MASSIVE update. I've added every Nintendo DS rom to the site. On top of that, I've added every Amiga and Commodore 64 game to the site. Between the 3 complete systems, 50,000+ games were added to the site. I've also added screenshots and box art graphics to many of our current games. Expect many more games added in the next few weeks!

6-8-2009: Sega CD Collection Added!
We have just added our Sega CD collection in single file downloads to the site! Pics and descriptions for them coming soon. Also PSX should be done later this week or so! In addition we also added PS1, PS2, DC, Wii, GameCube, NDS, and N64 midi music files in collections by system.

6-2-2009: Entire 3DO Collection Added!
We have just added all 3DO games in single file downloads to the site! Pics and descriptions for them coming soon. Also we are working on Sega CD / PSX... expect both complete sets shortly!

5-30-2009: Get-Your-Rom is finally back up!
Site was down due to being transfered over to Vizzed server. The previous host was just not working, but now with the transfer, the site should run a lot faster and shouldn't go down anymore!

5-13-2009: Complete Sega Dreamcast Collection Added!
Every Dreamcast game has been added to our site! Not only that but all of our Dreamcast downloads are single file downloads, no more having to deal with all them parts! Took me a lot of time and dedication. Further content for the new pages will be added soon (which includes pictures and descriptions). Every Playstation game (as single file downloads) will be added to the site within 2 weeks.

5-7-2009: Retro Toons & Old Video Game TV Shows Added!
Videos section has been added to the site. We currently have many episodes of Pokemon available to be streamed and downloaded. Mega Man (original series) and X-Men (original series) are next.

5-4-2009: TV Shows Expected Shortly!
We have a new feature coming soon, TV Shows. We will have on our site TV Shows that you can stream and/or download and we plan to have mostly video game related shows. Vote on a TV Show to help us decide which TV shows to add to the site.

4-7-2009: Get-Your-Rom's Birthday!
Today GYR turns 1 year old! And if you thought the 1st year of GYR offered a lot, the 2nd year will offer even more which will include better navigation, tons of more roms and isos, individual pages for almost every file we offer, every iso and rom for all the systems we have, etc... Based on the traffic and size of GYR already, I see no problem with making it our goal to be the top rom site on the internet by our 2 year bday! We've got a lot of nice stuff coming your way this month so consider everything we offer as presents to you from us here at GYR...and enjoy the balloons I made for you all! After a year we have come a long way! Initially we had just links for each game but now we got pages for over 1500 games + I have also finished the GYR search engine so finding stuff will be a piece of cake!

3-26-2009: Faster Loading Pages & More Roms Added!
As you will notice GYR now loads at least 50% faster then it previously did. That issue has been annoying for quite some time but finally got the time to get it out of way. Also David, Brian, and I have been working really hard the past month transferring all the games to our database in addition to adding tons of new roms and iso's. I've also added a search which does not work just yet but will sometime in April. In other news GYR turns 1 year old in a week or two so expect more surprises to follow!

3-17-2009: Batch of Nintendo DS Roms Added!
David has added 20+ more Nintendo DS roms everything from Final Fantasy to Grand Theft Auto to Pokemon to Starwars!!! Also we are in a major process of transition which means we are adding all our games to a database and we are also adding pages for every single game on this site. So if you see some of the pages getting a bit wack on you don't worry it is most likely under construction. But go check out the new NDS ROMS!!!!

3-5-2009: Database Added To Improve Site Functionality!
We cannot describe how massive this update really is! In the next few weeks we are implementing a database this means you will all be able to search for your favorite games. On top of that you will see a FLOOD in new roms and ISO's once this change happens. 2009 is the year we claim the top dog, get ready!

2-12-2009: Sega Saturn Roms & Playstation Isos Added!
HUGE Updates: We've added a Sega Saturn iso page with around 21 iso's and with more on the way. Also we've added many more Playstation iso's which puts our total Playstation game count to about 82. We're also in the processing of making each Genesis rom available as individual roms and that should be ready by the end of the month and we will work on SNES starting next month. Also expect to see many more iso's added to the site in the next few weeks. Additionally we've added a new feature to Vizzed Board which allows you to play almost any NES game (including imports, hacks and homebrew) online in your browser!

12-31-2008: Video Game MP3's & More Games Being Added!
Some pretty big updates for 2009! First of all, we've added an MP3 section to the site which contains all kinds of video game music, and games include Halo, Mega Man, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Final Fantay 7 and 8, Shenmue, etc. Secondly, we're working on fixing all the bad links on the site and they are either all fixed or will be fixed real soon! Thirdly, we've hired a staff member to our site, who goes by the name 'DarkHyren' and it's thanks to him that the previous 2 things I just mentioned have been done. Also with his help, we'll be adding more PSX and DC games soon as well as adding 3 new sections with iso's for 3DO, Sega Saturn and Sega CD. Lastly, you may have noticed a few ads on the site, this was due to the cost of our host going up in prices and the cost of hiring people to do work for us, so we needed an extra way to make up for that, if you have any feedback regarding the new ads, please visit our forum to give us feedback. Our new year resolution is to make Get-Your-Rom the best rom site on the internet! Have a Happy New Year!!!

12-23-2008: Get-Your-Rom's Youtube Channel + Memberships!
It has been months since our last post so I thought I would bring everyone up to speed. We finally finished the N64 page and all the pages within it but still need to add cheats and strategy guides to each individual page. David has been working on uploading bigger and better downloads in the members section and we are also working on requests and patching up a few things. We have also created a YouTube channel (youtube/getyourrom) and we will be uploading videos of gameplay along with tutorials. Be sure to add us and subscribe if you got a YouTube account! That's it for now and have a great Christmas everyone!!!

7-21-2008: Slight Delay in Schedule!
The N64 page is going to be delayed for a bit... it's just a ton of work and I've got some other things I need to do in the meantime but it will be fully remade sometime in the future. I have recently uploaded Spyro and will continue to add a few more games for PSX this week.

7-16-2008: More Playstation PSX Games Have Been Added!
I have uploaded a few more PSX games (Syphon Filter/Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus)... Since internet is extremely slow right now I will be focusing on remaking the N64 page to make it look identical to the PSX and DC pages by adding a page for each game along with cheats and guides. Expect it to be implemented by Monday next week at earliest. This is going to take well over 50 hours but I have to fill in for David as he is on leave for 2 weeks but will be back shortly.

7-15-2008: Batch of Playstation Games Added!
New batch of 9 new PSX ISO's are now available for download: Wipeout, Wipeout XL, Wipeout 3, Crash Bandicoot 2, Crash Bandicoot 3, Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, Planet of the Apes and Oddworld Abe's Oddysee!!!

7-14-2008: Dreamcast ISOS & Cheats Added + More To Follow!
Over the weekend I uploaded NFL 2K2 and Crazy Taxi 2 which means we now have 25 Dreamcast iso's which I consider are 25 of the best Dreamcast games that were released! Our Dreamcast collection will remain at 25 iso's for quite a while, I figured that would be a good breaking point. As Sean pointed out, I've also added cheats to all of the Dreamcast games (I hand picked the best). I've also uploaded complete strategy guides (some of them scans of official guides) for the following games (all playstation games except 2): Chrono Cross, FF Tactics, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF Chronicles (ffiv and chrono triger), FF Anthology, Metal Gear Solid, Shenmue (dreamcast), Castlevania SOTN, Skies of Arcadia (dreamcast), Tekken 3 and Xenogears. On to a personal matter, I will be getting married this weekend (very excited!) so this will be the last update from me probably until the beginning of next month.

7-13-2008: Creating Pages For Each Video Game!
It is now Monday and David and I have completed adding seperate pages to each PSX and DC game. David has also added cheats to every single Dreamcast game and will be doing the same to PSX games later this week. You will also notice a few strategy guides are up for some of the games. Now that we have completed that goal I will be setting a new one. I will be doing the same thing for N64 games but that won't be implemented for atleast a month. Besides that expect more ISO's and roms to be added during this month.

7-11-2008: PSX, Dreamcast & NDS Getting Expansion!
I will be spending the whole weekend expanding the PSX, Dreamcast, and NDS pages by giving each game an individual page with goodies such as cheats, strategy guides, screenshots, description of the game, etc... Expect this massive change starting possibly Monday of next week depending on how much I can get done.

7-10-2008: A Few More Playstation ISOS Added!
Few more PSX games have been added: Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver, Wild Arms, Castlevania - Symphony of The Night, and disc one of Driver 2 (disc 2 will be up soon). Expect Tekken 3 and Command & Conquer within a few days. We are also in the process of making the PSX page alphabetical since it is a real mess right now.

7-8-2008: A Few Dreamcast & Playstation ISOS Added!
I've been really working hard on the site lately. Here are the games which I've uploaded: Playstation - Metal Gear Solid, Twisted Metal 2. Dreamcast - Resident Evil-Code Veronica, Quake 3 Arena, Hydro Thunder, Armada and Seaman. The only Dreamcast games I have left to upload are NFL2k2 and Crazy Taxi 2.

7-7-2008: Major Playstations Titles Added!
It took a while but I've finished uploading Final Fantasy 8 iso. This is probably the biggest Playstation game we have, and one of the hardest to find! I've also uploaded House of the Dead 2 for the Dreamcast. Expect Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil: Code Veronica for tomorrow!

7-6-2008: Several Dreamcast & Playstation Games Added!
Got some awesome games uploaded this weekend. Uploaded Dreamcast games: Shenmue 2 (european import) and Virtua Tennis. Uploaded Playstation games: Resident Evil Directors Cut, Monster Rancher 2, and Metal Gear Solid.

7-1-2008: Playstation & Dreamcast Games Added!
Was up late again, preparing and uploading Dreamcast ISO's which include: Skies of Arcade (both discs), Jet Grind Radio, Capcom VS SNK, and Virtua Tennis. I also uploaded RPG Maker for the Playstation. Some games to expect later this week for the Dreamcast include: House of the Dead 2, Hydro Thunder, and the biggest one of all, Shenmue 2 (european import)!

6-30-2008: New Site Advertisements & More Games Added!
Here's a great way to start the month, stayed up real late last night and added 5 Dreamcast games: Soul Caliber, Sonic Adventure 2, Power Stone, Power Stone 2 and Silent Scope. Skies of Arcadia will be uploaded later today. Would also like to announce that as of yesterday, our site got over 1000 visits in a single day (according to google analytics, they seem to be a little different than histats). Also, our site turns 3 months old in about a week so our goal is to have 25 Dreamcast games and 50 Playstation games by that time so expect lots of new stuff in the next 8 days!

6-29-2008: 2 More Dreamcast Games Added!
Uploaded Dreamcast ISO's Time Stalkers and Grandia II. Expect some more Dreamcast stuff as this week goes by.

6-27-2008: 9 New Popular Playstation ISOS Added!
9 new PSX games now up: Parasite Eve 2, Clock Tower, Crash Bandicoot, Jade Cocoon - Legend of Tamamayu, MegaManX5, and MegaManX6, MegaMan 8, and MegaMan Legends 1&2!!!

6-26-2008: 11 Playstation ISOS Added & Get-Your-Rom's Forum!
11 more Playstation games have been uploaded and are now available for download: Alundra 1 & 2, Gex 1-3, Pandemonium 1 & 2, Nuclear Strike, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve, and MegaMan X4!!! In other related news I am uploading Parasite Eve 2 along with all the MegaMan X's which should be up later tonight possibly. Expect to see a few new Playstations iso's per day since I have made a goal to get most of them up by mid july! If you don't see an iso you're looking for please visit our new forum for requests.

6-25-2008: 2 Playstation & 2 Dreamcast Games Added!
2 Dreamcast and 2 Playstation games added: Shenmue (DC), Sonic Adventure (DC), Valkyrie Profile (PSX) and Jet Moto (PSX). Grandia II is also in the process of being uploaded and will be finished tonight.

6-24-2008: Rom Sets Added & ISOS To Follow Shortly!
This is a pretty big update. We have uploaded every single Game Gear and Sega Master System rom in sets. Additionally, we've uploaded: Playstation ISO's - Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy Chronicles and Origins and Anthology and Tactics, Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9, Chrono Cross, Gran Turismo, MDK, Suikoden I and II, Duke Nukem Total Meltdown, Fade to Black, and Warhawk. Dreamcast ISO's - Phantasy Star Online Version 2, Dead Or Alive, Disc 1 of Shenmue. Shenmue Discs 2 and 3 should be available sometime today or tomorrow and Sonic Adventure should also be available today. As you can see, me and sean have been busy and have set a goal to have 25 Dreamcast ISO's and 25 Playstation ISO's available sometime in July.

6-19-2008: Pokemon NDS Games Added!
It's been a while since we've made an update, almost a month! Sean and I are both working on getting up more roms and iso's. We've uploaded a few DS roms which include Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as well as Zelda and we are now working on uploading Playstation ISO's. Final Fantasy 7 is currently being uploaded and I'm sure Gran Tourismo will also be uploaded by the end of the day. Stay tuned for more DS roms and Playstation Iso's!

5-20-2008: Complete Game Boy Advance Batch Added!
All 1000+ Game Boy Advance roms are now up and available for download!

5-12-2008: GBA Games Coming Shortly!
Game Boy Advance roms are in the process of being uploaded. There are over 1000 GBA roms and they will be available for download within a week or two.

4-28-2008: Game Boy and Game Boy Color Added!
HUGE update today. Complete Game Boy and Game Boy Color rom sets have been uploaded and are now available for download with lists specifying the included roms.

4-27-2008: Game Lists + Turbo Grafx & Sega Genesis!
I just put together and uploaded complete sets of every single Turbo Grafx rom. Sean and I are both working on putting together a list that displays all the roms included with each set. The next thing I will be working on is re-uploading the genesis roms (since the current sets are missing some games) and then after that I will work on Game Boy. Expect these 2 things to be completed within a week or so.

4-25-2008: FAQ's Page Added & Internet Difficulties!
The FAQ's page is now finished as well as complete rom lists for NES and SNES. Due to some internet difficulties on david's end it will be a few days at earliest before our next rom batch (Turbo Graphx) is up for download.

4-23-2008: Several Emulators & Rom Packs Added!
Added Magic Engine to the Emulators page, easily the greatest Turbo Graphx Emulator! Turbo Graphx roms will be available by the end of the month. With my support, sean is in the progress of adding complete lists for our rom packs, we currently have NES and are working on SNES.

4-19-2008: Nintendo 64 Roms Added!
N64 roms are now up and available for download! Also a few more Mac emulators are now up.

4-17-2008: MAC Video Game Emulators Being Added Shortly!
For all you Mac users out there I got good news; you won't be left behind! Mac emulators will be up very shortly!! Also all N64 roms should be up by next week sometime.

4-16-2008: Sega Genesis Rom Sets Added!
Sega Genesis page now has Sega Genesis rom sets available for download. Additionally, sean finished up with the link's page. Nintendo 64 (N64) roms will be up soon, these will be available by individual rom instead of by sets due to their size.

4-13-2008: Several Emulators Have Been Added!
Added emulators to the Emulator's page, this page should now have all the emulators needed to play all the roms we have or plan on adding any time soon. The site had ad overlapping problems in firefox, sean is fixing this and he is also finding websites that we can link with.

4-10-2008: NES Games & About Page Added!
Nintendo (NES) roms page has been added and the roms are now available for download. Thanks to sean, the About and Privacy Policy pages are up also.

4-9-2008: SNES Roms Have Been Added!
Super Nintendo (SNES) roms page has been added and the roms are now available for download.

4-8-2008: We Are Live, Welcome To
Welcome to the newly opened Get-Your-Rom website! Today the website has finally gone live. We hope to have complete rom sets for Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo within a week. Be sure to bookmark this place because we plan on having complete rom sets for many different gaming systems in the near future!