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Download Fighting Warrior ROMs For Commodore 64
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# SYS Fighting Warrior File Downloads Filesize Downloads
1 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(a2)(tap).zip
0.05 MB 33 DL
2 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(cr ABC)(d64).zip
0.04 MB 19 DL
3 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(d64).zip
0.04 MB 18 DL
4 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(a3)(tap).zip
0.05 MB 16 DL
5 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(o)(tap).zip
0.22 MB 16 DL
6 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(tap).zip
0.05 MB 16 DL
7 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(a)(tap).zip
0.05 MB 15 DL
8 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(a4)(tap).zip
0.05 MB 15 DL
9 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(a5)(tap).zip
0.05 MB 15 DL
10 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(cr ABC)(a)(d64).zip
0.04 MB 15 DL
11 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(cr ABC)(a2)(d64).zip
0.04 MB 15 DL
12 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(cr ABC)(lnx).zip
0.04 MB 15 DL
13 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(cr CMM)(t64).zip
0.04 MB 15 DL
14 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(cr HF)(t HF)(Docs)(d64).zip
0.04 MB 15 DL
15 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(o)(a)(tap).zip
0.21 MB 15 DL
16 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(o)(a2)(tap).zip
0.2 MB 15 DL
17 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(o)(a3)(tap).zip
0.15 MB 15 DL
18 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(prg).zip
0.03 MB 15 DL
19 C64
Fighting Warrior (1985)(Melbourne House)(t64).zip
0.03 MB 15 DL
# SYS Fighting Warrior Remote File Downloads Rom Site Rom Link
1 C64 Cool Rom
2 C64 Cool Rom
3 C64 Cool Rom
4 C64 Cool Rom
5 C64 Cool Rom
6 C64 Cool Rom
7 C64 Cool Rom
8 C64 Cool Rom
# SYS Commodore 64 Emulator File Downloads Filesize Downloads
20 C64
0.22 MB 129 DL
21 C64
0.58 MB 75 DL
22 C64
1.03 MB 66 DL
23 C64
4.03 MB 38 DL
24 C64
0.15 MB 33 DL
25 C64
0.52 MB 32 DL
26 C64
0.38 MB 28 DL
27 C64
1.02 MB 26 DL
28 C64
0.32 MB 9 DL
29 C64
0.04 MB 7 DL
30 C64
0.32 MB 5 DL
31 C64
0.14 MB 3 DL
Code Most Common Codes Found in Rom Filenames
[!] Perfect copy of the game
[U] USA and Canada
[J] Japan
[E] Europe
[JUE] Japan, USA and Europe
[V#.#] Some games were commercially sold with different versions/variations (example: V1.1)
Code Game Modifications Found in Rom Filenames
[c] Cracked to run better on emulators or to take advantage of special features
[f] Fixed to run better on emulators
[h] Hacked game with modifications to sound, graphics, levels, game engine, etc
[p] Pirate is a form of hack but they're usually sold in countries like China
[t] Trainer contains cheats added to game
[T-] Old Translation of game (game has been translated to another language; example: T+Eng would be to english)
[T+] New Translation of game (game has been translated to another language; example: T+Eng would be to english)
Code Other Codes Found in Rom Filenames
[a] Alternate version of a rom
[b] Bad dump; game has problems
[o] Overdump contains useless repeated data (file size is bigger than it should be)
(Unl) Unlicensed commercial release
(-) Unknown year
(M#) Multiple languages; example: M4 for four languages
(###) Checksum value
(??k) Rom size
ZZZ_ Unclassified
[C] Game Boy Color enhanced or exclusive
[S] Super Game Boy enhanced
Code All Country Codes Found in Rom Filenames
(A) Australia
(C) China
(E) Europe
(F) France
(FC) French Canadian
(FN) Finland
(G) Germany
(GR) Greece
(HK) Hong Kong
(I) Italy
(J) Japan
(K) Korea
(NL) Netherlands
(PAL) Europe and other PAL TV regions
(PD) Internet release for distribution
(S) Spain
(SW) Sweden
(U) USA and English Canadian
(UK) United Kingdom
(Unk) Unknown country
What is a Fighting Warrior ROM?
A Fighting Warrior ROM is the data which has been taken from it's original video game cartridge or disc and transferred to a digital format which enables you to play it on your desktop computer without the use of an actual Commodore 64 system nor the actual Fighting Warrior game itself.

How To Play Fighting Warrior ROM On Your Desktop
You will need a Commodore 64 C64 emulator in order to play Fighting Warrior on your desktop.
We have a total of 12 different Commodore 64 C64 emulators to choose from.
Have any difficulties please visit our forum for help regarding roms, isos and emulators.

How do I open a Fighting Warrior ROM file?
You will need a special program to extract that file to get the contents out that are inside of it. Most of our files will be in a .zip format but some will be in a .rar file and others will be in .dmg, which is Mac based.

WinRar is one of the best program for extracting .rar files. Also note that some emulators will play roms even if they are in a .zip or .rar file. And before anyone asks, putting files into .zip or .rar files is a way to compress and make the file smaller.

StuffIt on the otherhand is for Macintosh which has the ability to expand .rar files (which are PC based) and other files such as .dmg and .zip.

Play Fighting Warrior ROM Online
Vizzed Retro Game Room enables you to play classic roms online through your browser without having to download roms or emulators.
ROM & ISO Download Disclaimer: Commodore 64 (C64) ROMS ROMS/ISOS should only be downloaded if you own a copy of the original game, will delete them within 24 hours or using them for testing or development purposes like taking in game screenshots, hacking or modding the games.