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Filesize 0.18MB
Filesize 0.18MB
Filesize 0.18MB
Filesize 1.82MB
Filesize 0.38MB
Filesize 1.71MB
Filesize 0.19MB
Filesize 0.18MB
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Filesize 2.91MB
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ROM Modifications

[V#.#] Version
[C] Cracked
[F] Fixed
[H] Hacked
[P] Pirate
[T] Trainer
[T-] Old Translation
[T+] New Translation

ROM Variations

[A] Alternate
[B] Bad Dump
[O] Over Dump
(Uln) Unlicensed
(-) Unknown Year
(M#) Bilingual
(Uln) Unlicensed
(###) Checksum
(??K) Filesize
ZZZ_ Unclassified

ROM Countries

(A) Australia
(C) China
(E) Europe
(F) France
(FC) French Canadian
(FN) Finland
(G) Germany
(GR) Greece
(HK) Hong Kong
(I) Italy
(J) Japan
(K) Korea
(NL) Netherlands
(PAL) European
(S) Spain
(SW) Sweden
(UK) United Kingdom
(UNK) Unknown

What is a Bomberman Users Battle ROM?

A Bomberman Users Battle ROM is the data which has been taken from an original video gaming cartridge or disc and transferred to a digital format which enables you to play it on your desktop computer without the use of an actual console system nor the actual hardware itself.

How do I open a Bomberman Users Battle ROM file?

You will need a special program to extract that file to get the contents out that are inside of it. Most of our files will be in a .zip format but some will be in a .rar file and others will be in .dmg, which is Mac based.

WinRar is one of the best program for extracting .rar files. Also note that some emulators will play roms even if they are in a .zip or .rar file.
StuffIt on the otherhand is for Macintosh which has the ability to expand .rar files (which are PC based) and other files such as .dmg and .zip.